Welcome to Earth Class (Years 1 & 2)

Welcome to all new families and welcome back to existing Earth
class families. Our class this year is made up of a cheerful group of 25 Year
1s and 2s (9 Year 1s and 16 Year 2s), who have made a good start to this academic year. The children are settling into a routine and it is wonderful to see the vast majority enter our classroom with large smiles and happy greetings. I strive to inspire, excite and motivate the pupils in my care to give the very best they can, to persevere, to be ambitious and to develop a thirst for knowledge, happiness and self- worth. So far this term they are certainly displaying a positive and encouraging work ethic.

Our topic this term is ‘Treasure’ and our starting CCC question is ‘Is there only ONE kind of treasure?’. This is a perfect opportunity to explore and enrich our knowledge of pirates. Watch this space for Pirate Day! The children have begun to explore this question through poetry, dance, science, geography and art, and will be inspired to learn through a a variety of exciting stimuli.  

Curriculum Map 2018/19
Curriculum Map 2018/19 - Term 2 Spring Term

PE days this term are Tuesdays and Fridays. Year 2 learn tennis skills this term while Year 1 learn games  through a multi-skills approach - Real PE. Please have
labelled kit in school all week.

Show and tell is alternate Fridays. Please watch out for a weekly dojo with the fortnightly theme.

Maths homework is given out on Monday. Please return to Mrs Legge once completed. It is due in the following Monday.

New spellings will be given every Tuesday with an informal assessment on the following Monday.

Thank you for your support in fostering your children’s smooth
and independent entrance to the classroom every morning. There is always an
activity so feel free to settle your child and leave for the day. The children
are safe and well nurtured in our capable hands!