All involved with our school - children, teachers, parents, governors and the wider community have worked towards these values at Combe School:

COMMUNITY - is at the heart of everything Combe school stands for - all are needed and important.  The buildings are in the centre of the village and  were founded to serve the local children in the 1860's.  The school has strong links with the church of St Laurence, the 'reading room' and local enterprises. The children are actively involved in playing a part in the wider community around the world, through our broad and balanced curriculum, using curiousity, and creativity to challenge the world in which we live. The children organise and run events throughout the year to raise money for charities that they select themselves.

COMPASSION - is a value that we strive to uphold. St Laurence exemplified compassion when he suffered with the needy. Combe children are aware of their fortunes and the school endeavours to foster a culture of compassion with respect, honesty and humility.

WISDOM - is a value that we model and employ. In addition to education and knowledge, wisdom at Combe reflects making the right choices, acting in wise ways, doing the right thing being based in reverence for God. 

St Laurence Giving Alms - Fra Angelico

The Last Supper - Da Vinci